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Where the Nations Meet: The Church in a Multicultural World
was written by Stephen A. Rhodes and published in May 1998 by the Academic Books Division of InterVarsity Press.  It provides a theology, as well as an ecclesiology, for the mission of the church in a multicultural context.

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"Where the Nations Meet is a biblically grounded, theologically insightful, and pastorally sensitive resource for those who are serious about being a faithful church."

—Kenneth L. Carder, bishop of the United Methodist Church (Nashville Area)

"This is an unusual book in that Rhodes combines insightfully biblical and theological understanding with some of the most recent sociological reflections on cultural pluralism and fuses these into a running narrative of one congregation's efforts toward being a faithful 'Pentecost people.' It is 'must' reading for seminarians, pastors and laypeople searching for a vision of inclusive congregational formation."

—James C. Logan, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism, Wesley Theological Seminary

"What Stephen Rhodes has given us is a vision of the church rooted in the gospel and yet as widely welcoming as there are cultures on earth. He has gone beyond the old terms liberal andconservative to fresh biblical resources."

—William Mallard, Professor of Church History, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

"Stephen Rhodes's book has been written out of his own real-life experience. . . . I highly commend this book to any person who is interested in a congregation which reflects both the diversity and the unity of the Christian church."

—Joe E. Pennel, Jr., bishop of the United Methodist Church (Virginia Conference)

Other Works In Progress

Rhodes is currently working on two other books, both of which are memoirs.

The first of these is tentatively entitled,
The Reluctant Ascetic: A Journey Through the Desert of Chronic Illness.  In November 2001, Rhodes became suddenly sick with a mysterious illness that continues into the present.  Later diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Rhodes has grappled not only with the illness itself, but also to find meaning and hope in the struggle to reclaim health.  This memoir speaks to all persons who struggle and live with chronic and often invisible diseases.

The second book in progress is
The Confessions of a Second Grade Failure.  It focuses specifically on his childhood in Kingsport, Tennessee from 1960-1972.  It gives insight to life during this turbulent period and of the changes that came to cities throughout the country in this important decade.  Both humorous and poignant, it weaves together the life story of one Appalachian child, his hometown and the cultural context of change in the country.
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